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Reduce incarceration of youths and adolescents and improving social health by being the voice of change in criminal justice policies.

About the Program

This is a crime prevention program for adolescent and young adults. The program has been designed to promote an alternative to incarceration, while improving sentencing  practices particularly for indigent defendants within the Brevard County jurisdiction of Central Florida. 

Goals and Objective

  • Provide education on crime and punishment

  • Show how crime negatively impact the lives of the offender and their families

  • Demonstrate the cost effectiveness of community service versus prison sentences

  • Allow participants to redeem themselves as productive men and women of the community.


Assist in the development of the community by enhancing public safety by ensuring that adolescents and youths acquire the knowledge and skills needed to live productive lives.

What we do

  • Dissemination of Preventive information

  • A place and program to fulfill court ordered community service

  • Spiritual and corrective cognitive counseling

  • Court Advocacy

  • State of Florida Rights restoration assistance

  • State of Florida expungement and record seal assistance

Why Choose Us

  • Christian based program

  • Service is free to participants

  • Distinguished guest appearances at forums

  • Centrally located in Brevard county

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