Currently Esther Theological Seminary will offer the named programs below.  The programs are structured to give you an understanding of how religion plays a role in the world. The Bible is the core of the Seminary's curriculum and devotional life. The programs are designed to equip lay and ordained men and women to express their commitment to the Lord through leadership in church and the community.

Certificate in Christian Ministry


Will develop leaders by giving them the tools to enhance their skills that will advance them in the ministerial field in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Certificate program consist of 62 semester hours.

Certificate in Professional Studies and Leadership



This is a flexible certificate program where students are allowed to tailor their education to meet career and/or educational goals. Students are required to take core classes in biblical/theological studies but have the option to explore courses of interest that will prepare them for advancement in leadership and management. The Certificate program consist of 60 semester hours.

AA in Ministry and Leadership

With a degree in Ministry and Leadership, you will gain a strong theological foundation on which you can develop and build your leadership and management philosophy.  You will also study the most effective ways to set goals, create collaboration between members of a church staff, develop strategies, and manage the priorities and needs of your organization.

BS in Theological Studies



Theological Studies in Bible college involves the investigation of doctrinal concepts and their relevance for leadership in church, community and world. Such study of necessity requires grounding in biblical interpretation as well an understanding of Christian heritage, and their relationship to the discipline of theology. This course of study, in contrast with pastoral or ministerial studies, prepares students specifically for further graduate professional and academic study. It can also be used to teach theological and religious studies within denominational and educational settings, as well as increase theological knowledge for persons committed to integrating a Christian worldview with their sense of vocation in a variety of work environments.

BS in Pastoral Ministry



The church is God’s witness in a changing world. While times change, the church must remain “anchored to the Rock.”   If you are called to Pastoral Ministry, then this is the program for you. We offer detailed study in the Old and New Testaments and practice in the interpretation of Scripture. We investigate styles and theories of church leadership and study the relationship of the church to the community and the world. We are sensitive to adult learning styles and understand the realities of men and women who make the decision to attend seminary with real life experience. With this knowledge you will be equipped to lead and minister in a church setting, using biblical application in the real world.  You will understand counseling and caring for the members of a congregation. You will understand the church’s role as a change agent in the lives of persons, communities, and society. We invite you to apply for the degree program in Pastoral Ministry. 


BS in Professional Studies and Criminal Justice

This program is structured to allow flexibility to students, allowing them to tailor their education to meet professional career goals. The program is ideal for students with previous learning experiences from vocational schools, military training, law enforcement, firefighters, and other public services, certifications and on the job training and can transfer in many of those credit hours. There is a strong emphasis on spiritual integration, community accountability and service to others. Students have the option to choose course work but will build on a foundation in communication, critical thinking, leadership, and problem solving.  These are all skills that are beneficial especially for employees reentering the workforce.


BS in Information Technology and Ministry


This program integrates technology skills development with the business environment that is necessary to function in the world of fast pace technological advanced world. With technology, businesses and the church can successfully perform in a more effective manner and develop solutions.


BS in Professional Studies and Management


We allow you to fast track your time here by applying existing college and military credit toward your degree. You will build on core knowledge and gain practical skills in communication, leadership, and more– all from a Christian perspective. You’ll also choose a specialized concentration in management that aligns with your interests and career goals.

Student Testimonials

It is hard to explain the wonderful experience that you will have at ETSM you just have to go through it for yourself to understand it.