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Esther Theological Seminary is a Christian Educational Institution designed primarily to equip students with The Word of God & empower them to be effective in Christian Ministry.

  • To train leaders in ministry and to equip saints with the word of God

  • To equip instructors with the tools necessary for teaching the Word of God

  • To motivate saints in the Word of God to be effective at home as parents and children as well as in the community at large

Goals and Objective


  •  To educate students to become strong leaders in Biblical knowledge

  • To build students as advocates of social issues in the society aimed at advancing desirable morals and values

  • To develop strong leaders in Ministry & Practical Christian living

  • To Nurture students in the study of the bible


  • To prepare students to be fully grounded in the teaching of the Bible

  • To prepare students to be able ministers ready to impart the Word of God

  • To have a graduation rate of 85%

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